09.17~09.22 WOD

09.17~09.22 WOD

Team of 2
5round for time
200 du
50 wbs
30 burpee

Pull up skilltraining
Pull up hold 30se on 90se off *4

Amrap 3min * 4
5 pull up
10 jumping lunge(l+r)
2min rest

Team of 2
4round for time(you go i go)
10db box step up
15 box jump over
20db snatch(l=)

Handstand hold practice

1min 4-6db cluster
1min max cal row

For time
100mountain climber(l+r)
80 Akbs
60 t2b
40 synchro wall mu
20 men makers
10 wall walk
E2mom 1-2lap run

Fight gone bad
1min wbs
1min sdhp
1min box jump
1min push press
1min burpee
1min rest

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