10.29~11.04 WOD

10.29~11.04 WOD

Team of 2
18min amrap
3-6-9-12-15….(you go i go)
R kbs
Jumping lunge(l=1)

Handstand skill
Db hang squatclean

Team of 2
For tim of
80 renegade row(l+r)
60 push up hi-5
40 deck squat tuck jump
20 wall wark

3min on 3min of *4
20/15cal row
10-15A kbs
Me thruster

Amrap 20min
50 wbs
40 burpee
30 front rack lunge(l=1)
20 db snatch (l+r=1)
10 men makers

5min sprint run (you go i go)

Team of 2
For time
120 cal row
100 wbs
80 db power clean
60 db push press
40 db snatch(l+r)
20 wall walk

E2mom 3burpee

2min on 3min off *5
2-3lap run
12db front squat
Me tuck jump

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