11.12~11.18 WOD

11.12~11.18 WOD

Team of 2
20min amrap(you go i go)
10 Double squat WBS
10box jump over
30Mountain climber(l+r)

Strict pull up max *3
Chin up hold 20se on 40se off*4
Emom 16min
15 burpee
10 db snatch(l+r)
15plate G2o
12renegade row(l+r)

Team of2
3round for time
40cal row

L-sit max *3
Hollow rock 20rep and 10se hold
2min on 2min rest *5
2-3lap run
8-10 wall mu
Max thruster

10min amrap
7mBorad jump
10push up hi-5
1min rest
10min amrap
7m front rack lunge
10db power clean

4round for time(you go i go)
400m run(together)
5men makers

Team of 2
12min amrap(alt round)
8db snatch(l+r)
1min rest
12min amrap
8db snatch(l+r)

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