01.07~01.13 WOD

01.07~01.13 WOD

Goblet squat bottom hold(3se) 10*5
3round max rep
1min Sit up
1min Db Deadlift(50/35)
1min Burpee
1min Deadhang
1min Rest

Handstand practice
For time
Db thruster(40/20)
Box jump over(24/20)

Team of 2(du=you go i go)
For time of
50 du
200 pull up
40 du
200 push up
30 du
200 sit up
20 du
200 squat
10 du

R kbs 10*5
2min on 3min off*5
3lap run
10knee to elbow
Me AKbs

team of 2
25min amrap(Alt round)
8Db hang c&j
10Mb squat jump
12/8cal row

Team of 2
5round for max rep
40Push up
Max Du
2min rest

“Tabata This”
Tabata row
1min rest
Tabata air squat
1min rest
Tabata pull up
1min rest
Tabata push up
1min rest
Tabata sit up

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