01.21~01.27 WOD

01.21~01.27 WOD

Team of 2
For time
150 wbs
6lap farmers carry
100pull up
4lap farmers carry
2lap farmers carry

1arm push press push jerk(3+3)*5
1:30 wallsit hold
30se ME G squat(24/16)
90se rest

Team of 2
3round for time
50DB Snatch(50/35)
E2mom 3burpee

2min on 3min off
3lap run
10-15wall mu
Me box jumpover

“The ghost”
1min of cal row
1min of burpee
1min of DU
1min of rest
Try for as many reps as possible of each exercise not just total score

4round for max rep
1min air bike
1min pull up
1min DBOHW Lunge
1min Knees to ElBows
1min renegade Row

Team of 2
10round for time(you go i go)
15cal row
5power clean

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