12.12~12.18 AF WOD

12.12~12.18 AF WOD


Cash in: Tabata Heavy DB Glute Bridges (hold at top every other rest) 20 min AMRAP
In teams of 2: 80 1-arm OH DB Lunges (L=1) 60 DB Box Step-ups
40 Push-ups 20 Feet on box Shoulder Touches (L+R=1)
Cash out: Tabata single arm floor press(switch arms every round)


10 min EMOM:
Odd: :30 hanging knee raises
Even: 2 laps run

5 Rounds
:40 on – :20 off
DB Deadlift
Plank DB Pull through
DB Pulse Squat ( small bounce at parallel squat)
DB OH Ab mat Situps


3 Rounds of P1: Row 200m P2: MAX MB Cleans
P1: MAX MB Clean
P2: Row 200m
:30 rest

2 Rounds of
P1: Row 200 m
P2: MAX Burpees
P1: MAX Burpees
P2: Row 200m


2RFT 50 Hollow Rocks 40 RKB Swings  30 KB Lunge (L=1) 20 Banded Pull aparts  10 laps run


20 sec ON – 20 sec ON – 20 sec ON – 60 OFF / 3 Rounds A. DB Strict Press– DB Push Press- DB Thruster B. Crunches – Leg Raises – V-up C. Pushups– Plank Hold – Plank Rotation D. Parallel Squat hold- Squat Hold at bottom- Air Squats
E. Half Burpees-Mountain climber- Plank Jacks


In teams of 2 For Time: 2000m Row
200 AKBS 100 KB SDLHP 2000m Row


5 Rounds
30 WBS
3 laps run
20 Pushups
10 burpee broad jump to back pedal

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